Style + Sip Class

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$ 40.00
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Grab your girlfriends and curling irons and join our Style + Sip class that teaches you the ultimate styling #hairgoals.

Need hair inspiration?  Want to finally learn how to use a curling iron?  This class is for you! Learn from master stylist Jasmine Hadjis who will show you the professional tips and tricks to using your flat iron, curling iron and products.  

Jasmine started her stylist career in Chicago over 11 years ago and has traveled the world perfecting her artistry discovering the latest trends, tricks and tips. Jasmine has been serving the Cedar Rapids area for over 8 years and is one of the most sought after stylists with her amazing balayage techniques and cuts.  Jasmine is currently a stylist at Virtue Salon.

Jasmine has a passion for teaching women the fundamental basics of styling and is excited to share her knowledge with the very first Stye + Sip.

What to bring to class:

- Styling tools you currently use

- Styling products you currently use

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