Red My Lips- Cool Kit

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$ 100.00
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Every doll needs a classic Red lip. The only problem is- How do you find the perfect shade of red for your color tones?! AND which shadows, blushes, galore should you pair with your lipstick so that you look balanced, bright and beautiful?!

Our expert makeup artists have hand crafted this color kit for YOU! Whether you have natural cool features or warm features, this kit is paired in cohesive cool hues so you'll rock this complete makeup look!

Brushes work BEST when they're well taken care of, so here's a few quick tips on cleaning and care. 1. For a quick clean, spritz brush bristles with a brush cleaner and swirl into a towel. 2. For a deeper clean (every two weeks is best) wash brushes with a gentle shampoo (baby shampoo is awesome). 3. Suds bristle with shampoo and rinse the brush downwards avoiding water running into the 'ferrule' of the brush. 4. Dry brushes flat on a towel or bristles down.

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