'Goodness' - Hydrating Creme-De-Matte™ Lipstick

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$ 20.00
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Get A-List looking lips with DOLLUP's unique anti-caking, anti-cracking long last lipstick formula that gives you photoready lips all day long.  Experience longer lasting, intensely moisturizing, vividly pigmented lipstick that turns any pout into a work of art.

NEW ONE-SWIPE EVEN APPLICATOR - No fingers needed to blot, spread, even out or patch. DOLLUP's remarkably plush doe wand applicator delivers a perfect one-coat coverage in one easy swipe.

HYDRATION YOU'D EXPECT IN A BALM - We had your precious lips in mind when we created our ultra-hydrating matte lipstick recipe and added a special infusion of Vitamin E & Avocado Oil to keep your lips feeling comforted all day long.

IT DOESN'T SEEM POSSIBLE...BUT IT IS - Lipstick that lasts all day is finally here.  Our creamy formula feels so luxurious, your lips will be begging for more! Our glossy texture spreads on like a buttery frosting, then wears like a stain with loads of intense pigment that finishes with a velvet matte.  

Lips without lipstick are like cake without frosting. 

Completely re-imagined lipstick that delivers:

  • Long lasting all day wear
  • Soft creamy application that dries matte
  • Intense non-fading pigments that feel light on the lips
  • Ultra-moisturizing hydration for all day comfort
  • One-swipe even application
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