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Are you tired of looking into your makeup bag and finding different color tones, hues and combinations but not having any clue which makeup products to pair with each other? Look no further! Dollup beauty has got you covered. We are beginning a new complete makeup set line called the COLOR COLLECTION. Now you no longer need to stress about how to create a complete makeup look with your overwhelming amount of options. Our expert makeup artists have hand selected which blush shades, eyeshadows, lipsticks and more to pair together for the perfect, balanced look. Knowing how to pair your favorite makeup products will help to compliment your beauty making you appear brighter and younger. Get ready to transform your look- One color collection at a time! 
Brushes work BEST when they're well taken care of, so here's a few quick tips on cleaning and care. 1. For a quick clean, spritz brush bristles with a brush cleaner and swirl into a towel. 2. For a deeper clean (every two weeks is best) wash brushes with a gentle shampoo (baby shampoo is awesome). 3. Suds bristle with shampoo and rinse the brush downwards avoiding water running into the 'ferrule' of the brush. 4. Dry brushes flat on a towel or bristles down.

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