dollup beauty's about us story with natural mineral makeup and cruelty free asbestos free beauty products

In A Nutshell

Dollup Beauty exists to repurpose every woman’s daily beauty transformation with French-inspired passion, leisure and love. We pioneer only exquisite and natural products to provide a luxurious makeup experience. Our minimalistic approach offers everyday women uniquely tailored products that enhance their natural features. We keep it simple. We want you to Love yourself, Love your beauty process, and Love your look.

For The Love Of Beauty

The Dollup Beauty story started in a little girl's dressing room over thirty year's ago when founder Nikki Hynek first discovered the magic and wonder of getting dolled-up with over-sized frilly dresses and glittery powdered shadows. "Makeup transported me to new places of self-expression - I adored transforming myself into the people I saw in a magazines or on tv," reminisces founder Nikki Hynek.  "But most importantly, makeup helped me fall in love with my own beauty. I found a love for my round eyes when I traced them with coal-black liner that miraculously brought them to life."  

The future makeup guru serendipitously stumbled into her makeup career in college when a manager at a local department store 'promoted' her to a makeup counter and that's when Nikki recalls she was hooked on the beauty industry forever.  "It was simply the greatest feeling when I could show women how beautiful they truly were by doing their makeup - I knew I wanted be in beauty forever to open women's eyes to their own beauty. "  After a successful career as a freelance makeup artist and esthetician, Nikki recognized there was something missing in the beauty market that she needed to fulfill and set out to create a brand that encompasses her mission of finding love in beauty.  "Many of my makeup clients had lost their natural sense of wonder and enjoyment with their beauty experience.  They would describe drudging though their morning makeup routines sans purpose or confidence or passion - they were all missing LOVE!" 

Nikki started Dollup Beauty in 2015 after inventing her first product - the Dollup Case - which is a first of its kind makeup compact centered around simplicity, elegance and organization.  "How can a person love their makeup bag if it's filled with dozens of dirty & broken plastic compacts jumbled into a cluttered bag," prompting Nikki to create a solution that called on the best kept secret tool of professional makeup artists - magnetic palettes. " I created a case that allowed women to tailor their entire look into one chic compact, with refillable qualities that cut down on packaging waste, which was also very important to me."

The beauty founder then launched an entire makeup line of all natural mineral makeup to customize into the Dollup Case.  The makeup collection is a work of love for Nikki who worked hard to source premium ingredients and to have everything made in the USA.  And most recently, Nikki discovered a luxurious oil derived from the milk weed plant that will now be included in all future products!  

Meet Nikki Hynek, Dollup Beauty founder inventor of empty magnetic palette and mineral natural makeup line