Are you interested in increasing your salon profits without working one more hour and with very little effort? Of course you!
With salons experiencing stagnant growth, owners need to think outside the box to optimize revenue.  “The state of our salon industry is now in a slow growth," says Cyrus Bulsara, president of Professional Consultants & Resources. Yet another overlooked industry is booming and salons have yet to take advantage. The U.S. prestige beauty industry, which grew 6 percent in 2016, is the fastest growing segment of the entire beauty industry but only a few salons are offering cosmetic beauty products in retail
Salon owners are missing out on thousands of dollars a month simply by not offering prestige cosmetics to clients who want to buy their makeup from the pros.  Studies prove that consumers are rapidly changing their buying habits to online purchasing, but the business of beauty and makeup is still very much an in-person experience - which offers a lot of opportunity and growth for salons like yours. 
Here's Why Makeup Is The Next Growth Area For Your Salon
How many times do you have a client sit in your chair and they get a whole new look? Often right? And how many times do they comment “ now I need to go home and do my makeup?” Or  “what shades of lipstick should I wear now”?  Your clients are already asking and this is the perfect opportunity to introduce them to a new shade of shadow, or a new lipstick color. Did you know that talking about retail to your clients can increase your sales by 20%? Cha-ching! Extra money for you and your team.
The world has been taken over by social media and buying online. Going to a salon and getting services done is one thing that you cannot do online. So we need to use that as a way to put more dollars in your pocket. Just think, if you have 5 clients a day and you sell them each one lipstick at $19/each and you receive 50% of each one you sell. You are putting almost an extra $50 in your pocket by simply adding on an easy product. This might take you an extra 1 minute. Over time that can lead to an extra $600 a month if you only work 3 days a week and you sell 15 lipsticks a week. Who wouldn't want an extra $600? And if you add a lip liner? You would be doubling your revenue. Bringing in an extra $1200 a month.
That could be a pretty awesome designer handbag or a vacation just for simply offering a one lipstick.
And There Is More
  • When it comes to improving your clients' salon experience offering cosmetics will give them the total package for a transforming beauty experience. 
  • Makeup retail increases clients return visits between appointments to replenish product and check out new trends
Putting the right product on the shelves is an important part of being a business owner too. At the end of the day you want it to sell. Thats where we come in.. Dollup Beauty. A first of its kind tailored made cosmetics customized to you! Our products are made for that busy mom on the go. She wants a full look in just a few easy steps and everything right at her figure tips, because we know she is doing her makeup in the car at the stoplight. 
Look at it like this:
Lipstick Retails $19——————-you pocket $9.50
Lipliner Retails $19 ——————-you pocket $9.50
Eyeshadow Retails $17 ————-you pocket $8.50
Powder Retails $22.00 ————-you pocket $11.00
Stop losing the valuable dollars that are walking right out your salon door with every client by not offering this fast-growing add on.
As you can see the trend is on average $10 each item.
Think of this as shampoo and conditioner. You wouldn't likely sell shampoo with out the conditioner.. same with lipstick and lipliner. 
Beauty thought: increased sales increases money in your pocket… why wouldn't you take that extra minute to talk about it to your clients? 
The owner scheduled clients who purchased $25.00 tickets in 30-minute increments and worked with the client one-on-one to guide the customer through the entire line of products while also applying and helping with color selections. The brand launch resulted in over $1,500.00 in sales that evening. The restock order was 98 products. The customer has sold over 162 pieces in less than 2 months which has nearly doubled her money back on her investment.