Nikki Hynek, founder and creator of the Dollup Case, is a makeup artist maven fully immersed in the world of high fashion, color, inked eyes, tinseled lashes and girl-next-store skin.  As a celebrity makeup artist, Nikki has passionately enjoyed a career in the cosmetic industry with a myriad of accolades and successes that include magazine covers, feature films and creating looks for high-profile clients.
Nikki set out to design the perfect makeup organizer to house her everyday essentials after finding a deficit in multitasking cosmetic bags.  Admitting that she always did her makeup on-the-go, Nikki was determined to make a carry case that organized makeup for ease of application, could be used for quick touch-ups and that was so vogue it could be carried as a clutch.  Nikki hopes that women everywhere enjoy dolling-up for the day with the Dollup Case!