Are you doing your makeup while running out the door or in between meetings?  You're not alone!  Two-thirds of women are doing their makeup on-the-go and are storing their makeup in, GASP, some pretty interesting places.

Here is Sandy's makeup CONFESSION:

I seem to always be in a rush when I do my makeup, which leads to some interesting situations....

Why did I hit snooze, okay clean face, moisturizing, base coat, I will start straightening hair while face dries. Wow I need an extra coat today to hide those circles.
Oh crap running late and need to take with me to finish and touch up between meetings.  I may have to buy double to have in my car and home.
Wait - What if it breaks and spill in my bag, better put in a plastic baggie - is my safest option. 
Oh man who would have thought a sandwich size bag does not fit what I need, do I really need a mirror for each makeup container - Ripping off top of containers to fit everything.
Parked the car, digging in this bag to find what I need. Wonderful got makeup all over my hands...ughhh I knew it would break! Saved my favorite shade of blush but now covering the insides of the bag, now using my brush and scrapping the sides to get what I can.
Time running out, going to be late - now throwing it all back in the bag, wait is that makeup residue on my I whip or blow????     Frantically whipping and blowing (people passing by looking at me like I am a crazy person)  Reminder need some type of towel or bib when doing this in the car again.
Application of makeup quick for me is equivocated to trying to get my toddler to eat brussel sprouts after dessert. Feeling defeated!
Dollup Case