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The top THREE ways to wear a fall-time RED lip! 

You know it. I know it. We all do! There is just no hiding the fact that there is just something so undeniably gorgeous about a classic red lip. Popping on a beautiful red lipstick is an effortless way to elevate any makeup look. Fall time is the perfect time to switch it up and try a new look. The change of seasons is the most refreshing, inspiring time to throw out the old, expired makeup in your kit and opt for something new! The crisp leaves are changing to the most beautiful shades of golden yellow and crimson and the whole earth is glowing with vibrant color and now it's your turn, doll! 

Below you will find Dollup Doll, Lauren's top three picks on how to wear a beautiful red! Whether you are looking for a natural fresh faced look or for a bold, dramatic smokey eye- with these tips and tricks, you'll be looking flawless, fresh and festive. 


1.) Fresh faced & bold lip

Have you ever heard the old saying- Pick one feature to highlight either eyes or lips? This look is allowing the traditional technique of makeup to shine on the lips! To begin this look, grab a brightening concealer! Apply Dollup's color block concealer under your eyes to cancel out any redness or dark circles. Also apply this concealer to any areas on the skin that need extra brightening or concealing. 

Next, grab a nice matte nude shade and apply all over your lid. Then blend a matte warm brown shade into your crease to help deepen up the eye look for a matte, neutral look. Top off with some mascara for a fresh, natural eye. 

Apply a light dose of bronzer and blush to your cheeks for some dimension on your skin. Now your natural, fresh faced look is complete and you can now apply your liner and lipstick for a pretty bright pop of red. With this look, we recommend using liner in shade Scarlett Red and liquid lipstick in shade Love. 


2.) Dramatic Smokey Eye 

Are you heading for a girls night out or a fancy date night? Are you tired of the same old same old makeup look? It's time to spice it up- Doll! Let's switch up the norm and create a gorgeous dramatic eye paired with a traditional red lip. This look is totally red carpet approved- even if you're just heading down the glorious isles of Target. Either way- you'll be sure to want to snap a selfie of this gorgeous look! 

Begin by placing a bold shadow like a shimmery gold, silver or bold deep color all over your lid. Whether you opt for a glistening gold or a deep burnt brown or black shade, be sure to pack this color all over your lid. Then grab a subtle smokey shade such as a burnt red or brown to pair with your warm lid shade or a taupe or grey to pair with a cool, silvery lid. Take that shade with a big fluffy brush and blend it back and forth into your crease until the crease is very blown out and smokey. Take that same crease shade on a smaller precision brush and apply to your lower lash line in back and forth motions until the lower lash line is also smoked out and defused. For an extra pop of glam- apply a dramatic winged eyeliner and some false lashes to give the total red carpet look. 

Your look will not be finished until you've created a flawless face look with a full coverage liquid foundation and topped it off with a chiseled contour and highlight using the Dollup Beauty bronzed babe collection. 

Now you're ready to add a pop of gorgeous.. take Dollup's lip liner in shade Berry Red. Don't be afraid to over-line your lips a bit here dolls for an extra bit of glam. Then top off the look with Dollup Beauty's Creme De Matte Liquid Lipstick in shade Joy or Goodness. 



3.) Old Hollywood classic 


Last but absolutely not least! Nothing shouts classic and timeless beauty more than an gorgeous Old Hollywood Glam look. Now trust me- you do not want to receive hair advice from me, I am strictly a beauty makeup pro! But I recommend searching an old hollywood hair tutorial on youtube before creating this look! Those tight, pinned curls will add such a gorgeous element of sophistication to your look.

Now for the best part- the beauty!

It's all about the matte- girlfriend!

Begin with a flawless face routine using a color block concealer under your eyes. Then take Dollup's chin-up foundation powder for a flawless, natural finish. Added bonus- these powders are all natural and anti-aging.. double win! 

Then add a subtle pop of bronzer and a matte blush for a pretty finish.

On the eyes- we are going to create a retro-inspired matte cut crease eye look. Take your bright matte vanilla shade and place all over the lid and underneath the brow bone. Then take a cool brown shade- apply directly into your crease and pulling the crease out further than your natural brow bone- elongating your crease. The key to this cut crease look is not to blend too much- you want the colors to stay precise and sharp instead of smoked or blended. Top off the look with a warm brown shade into the crease- applying it with the same technique just placed a tiny bit lower than the dark cool brown shade. This will help create the appearance of a deeper crease and add the perfect amount of glamor and drama to your look. Please, please, PLEASE do not leave this look unfinished without adding a dramatic winged eyeliner and some flirty, flared lashes! It would be a disgrace to our fellow, old hollywood beauty babes.... just kidding, Doll but you get the gist. 

Now- for a classic cool red- use Dollup's lip liner in shade Scarlett Red and top with Liquid Lipstick in shade Laughter! 



That wraps up my post for today, Dolls! I hope you are feeling inspired and ready to take on the rest of your gorgeous fall! Add a little glam into your fall by coloring your world RED! I promise, you will feel more confident and oh so classy! 


Love always, 

Dollup Doll Lauren 



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