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The Answer to Flawless Skin

As a makeup artist, busy mom and my skin is not getting any younger, I continue to ask myself "How do I achieve flawless skin?" As a mom, I know I am not getting enough sleep or maybe not drinking enough water. I have tried everything under the sun trying to achieve that oh-so-perfect smooth skin without piling on the makeup. Do you ever have those days where you just want to roll out of bed and not have to spend 15-20  minutes on your makeup? I do! Specially on those rainy mornings I just want to throw my alarm clock out the window! 

Well, I have found a solution. BOTOX. Yup. I said it and I'm not ashamed. This literally was a game changer for me!
I was scared, gosh I was actually terrified. I knew I needed to do something to help with my textured skin, mature lines and tired looking eyes.  I had heard this was the golden ticket, but was really hesitant to try it. But I decided that since my face is basically a walking advertisement for my business as a makeup artist, I thought I would give it a try and get very small amount and see how it goes. 

BAM! It was easy peasy.  I was shocked that after a few little pokes and a neck message, it was all over. It really wasn't that bad. Now... I had to wait 4-7 days to see the results. 

As the results starting appearing around day 5, I could tell my makeup was going on smoother and I didn't feel I needed to add several layers of foundation. Day 7, my eyes were way more awake and my brows had a nice arch to them. Score!! Day 10, I started LOVING the way my skin looked and even caught a reflection in the mirror and though 'damn, I look good'! I am also happy to report that my lines on my forehead and between my eyes (elevens) are gone. Yes, my prayers have been answered! Yippie! I was so excited! This is exactly what I was wanting and I couldn't be happier!

I was even able to cut-out my go-to liquid foundation - usually a staple in my makeup wardrobe - and started wearing only DOLLUP Beauty's Chin-Up Cover-up powder foundation for the most flawless, smooth skin I've ever had! The Chin-up powder gives me enough coverage to even out my skin tone and puts the cherry on top to my silky smooth skin I was wanting!  

Until next time, 
xo Melissa


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