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As a woman, it’s our prerogative to change our minds, right?! And there is no area in life in which we demonstrate this very right oh-so-well, as we do with our ability and desire to constantly change our hair! Some might call it a short attention span… others might call it the inability to commit… but Coco Chanel hit the nail on the head when she said, “a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

Clearly Mother Nature is a woman, as she, too, changes her mind on the regular. As we watch the leaves change their colors and the season fades into Fall, we are all embracing our inner desires for change and exploring the season’s hottest hairstyle that it-girls everywhere are obsessing over.

So, what is the hottest hair trend this year? It only takes a few minutes of scrolling through the ‘Gram to see what’s trending right now: shaggy bangs and loads of texture. Ahead, the cut that has us all picking up our phones (ok, tbh… they were already in our hand…) and booking our next salon appointments.

“I’ve had every haircut in the book… from long and layered, to the short pixie, and everything in between; it’s safe to say, I’m not afraid of change! Last fall, I jumped on the blunt bang bandwagon… for about 3 months. It wasn’t my best look, so I’ve been trying to grow them out ever since. Although, this ____ color, shaggy layers, and bangs is calling me like no other haircut ever has. I’ve already booked my appointment with my stylist to beg her for extensions and to update my bangs!” - Meegan Hofmeister, life+style blogger @signedM.eegan  

“Ummm... #hairgoals - give me long hair or give me death!  I want nothing more than honey-kissed blonde Rapunzel locks tickling my lower back. I don't care if I have to stick it, fake it, clip it or glue it - I want these tresses!” - Nikki Hynek, founder of @dollupbeauty

“I’ve been obsessed with the pink hair trend for awhile now… it’s so fierce, but it’s also fun and flirty! Even as a mom to be, I think you can have trendy colored hair. It’s soft enough to still be classy, while being beautifully bold enough to be an expression of my personality!” - Jenni Mangas, personal stylist @hippieveganbabe


My dream hair is nothing fancy but always chic. The thicker the better! I don't go for crazy styles or wild colors, I'm a naturalist and like to keep it simple. Besides, I don't have time to fuss with hair complications in the mornings...I'm too busy #WritingMyStory.” - Emily Carlson, founder and creative director of WRITTEN Apparel

Bottom line: Life is short. Make each hair flip fabulous.


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