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Summer Skin SOS

Summer Skin SOS

No one wants to be walking around on the beach with a caked on face of makeup – or with thick greasy sunscreen that you know will make your face breakout.

Keeping your skin fully protected during the summer months, & all the other months, should be a top priority, when it comes to your skincare routine. Along with reversing any previous damage done, if possible; & who doesn’t love healthy, glowing skin that allows you to get by with just a light coverage?

Today, we’re sharing the steps we recommend you to take daily, Dolls, to keep your skin looking & feeling it’s best this summer, along with some of the Dollhouse’s favorite summertime skincare products.


We know you know: protecting your skin from the sun on a daily basis, all year round, is a must do. Not only do you want to protect your face from painful sunburns, but you also want to try to halt the aging process as long as you can. An SPF is a crucial step in your skin care regimen. We recommend sticking to oil-free formulas with nourishing ingredients.


Dr. Barbara Sturm. Sun Drops. SHOP NOW


SkinCeuticals. Physical Matte UV Defense, SPF 50. SHOP NOW



Another crucial step is making sure that your skin is constantly hydrated. Even if your skin is on the oilier side, find a product that works for you that will lock in that moisture 24/7. In addition to moisturizers, we recommend an eye cream that is super moisturizing, & it doesn’t hurt to have a hydrating face mist on hand to use in your skincare routine or throughout the day.

Clinique.Moisture Surge.SHOP NOW.


Baebody Beauty. Eye Gel.SHOP NOW.


Mario Badescu. Rosewater Facial Spray.SHOP NOW.



No one wants to wear a full face of makeup by the pool, especially your skin. We go as minimal as possible with a lightweight tinted moisturizer. Bonus, if it has SPF in it (you can never wear too much!)

NARS.Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 30.


Dior. Capture Totale DreamSkin Advanced. SHOP NOW



Whether it’s correcting past damage or current damage, giving your skin a little extra TLC in the summer is always a good idea. At The Dollhouse, we’re suckers for a facemask with anti-aging agents & is super hydrating. Another approach to rehabbing your skin is to heal it from within. Eating a healthy well-balanced diet, with lots of hydrating fruits & veggies which include a host of powerful antioxidants, will naturally help reduce the effects of sun, pollution, & stress, among other things.



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