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Hello you gorgeous babes!

Today we're talking all things PERFECT BRIDAL SKIN

If the title of this blog post has caught your attention than you are probably one of two things- 

1.) You are a bride-to-be and you are looking for some major bridal beauty prep

2.) You are a clear skin fanatic and are always looking for new skincare tips and tricks

Regardless of whether you fall into category one or two or HEY- maybe even both.. than this article is for you!

I, myself would be classified by category one. I am a current bride to be and I am on the crunch time to figure out all of the bridal beauty do's and don'ts. Our wedding is coming up this June and it seems like there is daunting never ending list of things to accomplish, book, order or research in these next thirty something days! One thing that simply can not slip through the cracks would be my SKINCARE. Allow me to give you a little history about myself and then...drumroll please..... I'll share with you my best beauty guru tips and tricks for wedding prep skincare! (or special event prep for you non brides out there.. hey- we all gotta' love fresh, beautiful skin- right?!)

Up until I graduated high school I was known as the girl with great skin. My friends and strangers alike would constantly compliment me on my wonderful skin complexion and comment on my "perfect" skin. Let me tell ya- after I graduated high school, a fresh dose of skin reality crept in and I sure took for granted all of those flawless skin days. In high school, I barely even knew what a blemish was. After high school as I been to enter into my 20's all of a sudden, my skin decided to throw a quarter life crisis! HOW RUDE!! Now I am all too familiar with clogged pores, unsightly t-zone breakouts and the ever so dreaded cystic pimples that begin deep underneath the skin and feel IMPOSSIBLE to remove or conceal. Just to make matters even BETTER- on my 21st birthday, my high school sweetheart popped down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Yay... my dream come true.. except the idea of having 300 people's eyes on you on a BAD SKIN DAY, is not my top idea of fun. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and do some searching. Let all of the BRIDAL shenanigans begin. The to-do lists have begun and have never seemed to end. Now it's time to prepare for all of my beauty regimens and preparations.. especially SKINCARE! All be darned if you catch me on my wedding day with horrid blemishes on my skin! I began the research and allow me to fill you all in on the bridal skincare 411!




With all of your concealing, contouring and highlighting.. your skin is sure to be crying out for a breath of fresh air.. at least I know mine is! To begin your bridal skincare prep, It's very important that you are creating a skin care regiment that you know works of you! What I have found is that natural and gentle is best. If your skin is already having a difficult time with regulating itself, the last thing you want to do is begin filling your pores with crazy harsh chemicals and ingredients. I went with the neutrogena naturals line and have really enjoyed the way my skin has cleared up! No matter what line you choose to go with, these are the items you should be sure to grab and the order of appliance. 

Makeup remover-

This step is KEY! Rubbing around some skin cleanser with a face full of product and makeup is not going to do anyone any good. I prefer to use a gentle cotton swab and micellar water for gentle removal! I enjoy that the micellar water can be used as dual purpose for my face makeup and for my eye makeup in one. 

Face wash-

TA DA! What a glorious step. After a long day your pores are clogged with air pollutions, germs, bacteria, makeup and other impurities. The most important step of the day is to purify your skin with a gentle, foaming skin cleanser wash. This step can NOT be skipped and should be done regularly two times a day. 

Exfoliator (use 2-3 times a week)-

Exfoliating the skin is important however should not be done every single day.To avoid skin irritation, exfoliate the skin 2-3 times a week to give your skin a gentle refreshing break in between scrubs. Major gross fact of the day- Every minute, you loose about 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells off the body! YUCK! Imagine by the end of the day, how many skin cells have died off of the skin surface on your face?! Imagine waking up every single day with all of those left over cells and continuing to apply and re-apply your makeup on top of this same surface every single day. No wonder it is so common for our skin to have such texture and uneven tones. Exfoliating allows for you to remove all of those dead skin cells off of the face to allow for a fresh, bright new layer of skin to be revealed. 

Skin toner- 

Toner is a very important step not to skip! The properties in your skin toner, allows for you to remove those hard-to-get traces of dirt and grime off of the skin surface. Toner also allows you to replenish the skin with necessary vitamins and properties that your skin as previously stripped of. I have been using a rose scented witch hazel toner that is natural, hydrating and refreshing! 



Sometimes, just a regular cleansing routine will just not cut it! After I established a regular cleansing routine, my skin cleared up so so much. I highly recommend figuring out which cleansers work best for you and sticking to it. However, if you're like me and you're still seeing flare ups in your skin and are struggling with breakouts, then I recommend finding a treatment that works for you! I began using CUROLOGY. What I love about this brand is how customized it was. I was able to go online and create a profile including specifics about my skin irritations and what I was looking for when it comes to results. I also was able to upload photos of my problem areas and "before photos".  I then was assigned a personal dermatologist that took on my case, customized a formula bottle that was designed and perfected specifically for me. For only $20 a month, I receive a skincare subscription box in the mail which my monthly treatment. Let me just tell you- this has changed my life! Talk about excellent results! 



HYDRATION IS KEY! Let me tell you this.. I don't care if you are old, young or anywhere in between.. oily skinned or dry skinned.. moisturizer will change your life! Moisturizing is key to your skin care routine. Apply to your face and neck and under eye area once your face has been cleansed and patted dry. I am loving the neutrogena naturals hydroboost line because it is full of natural ingredients and based with water for a subtle, non greasy hydration. Whatever your preference is.. oil based, water based, gel, oil, cream.. be sure to never skip this step. Moisturizer is essential to hydrating the skin, softening your appearance and preventing wrinkles. 


My last and final tip with preparing your skin for your wedding or special event coming up would be this.. DRINK YOUR WATER! Yep, that's right ladies! Drinking at least 75-100 ounces of water a day can cure your skin nightmares. Drinking plenty of h2o is going to ensure to flush out toxins and impurities in your system and create the apperace of radiant, healthy skin! PRO TIP- for an extra healthy glow, add lemons to your water. Lemons are full of vitamins and antioxidants that fight free radicles in your body, aiding in the battle against dead skin cells and damaged skin and creating a healthy, glowing look. 


All products mentioned-

Garnier Micellar water

Ultra gentle face wash

Natural exfoliant 

Alcohol free toner 


Hydroboost moisturizer


Thanks so much for tuning in to my PERFECT BRIDAL SKIN blog. We would love to hear you feedback on your beautiful skin journey! Tag @dollupbeautyco on social media with your perfect bridal selfies so we can see your beautiful journey. 


Love always,

Dollup Doll Lauren



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