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depot makeup clutter from compacts for organized vanity, makeup storage and more

When your makeup is organized, your life is organized.

The time has came doll to ditch the makeup bag clutter and start organizing your makeup like the beauty pros.  For decades makeup artists have been using a 'depotting' trick to organize and streamline their makeup kits and now you can too!!

So what is depotting you're wondering?  Depotting is the art of removing the metal pans that hold your pressed shadows, powders, lipsticks and foundations, out of their original compacts and replacing them into one compact — generally onto a magnetic palette.  The removed metal pans stick to the magnetic palettes, with the exception of a few makeup brands who use aluminum pans (e.g. MAC & elf).

What's the advantage of depotting?  Oh, there are so many!  Organizing makeup.  Reducing makeup clutter by up to 95%. (Most makeup clutter is from the massive amounts of packaging that comes with the actual product) Having makeup all in one convenient spot.  Easier to travel with. And, of course, we recommend you using the Dollup Case to put all your makeup into for the best makeup case! 

Okay, let's depot!

1.  First, start by placing your compact over a heat source — we prefer using a warm flat iron, but a stove or candle works well too —and hold for 1 to 3 minutes.  The goal is to loosen the glue that holds the metal pan to the plastic compact by heating it up.  Pro tip: Using a piece of wax paper in-between the heat source and your compact will catch any melting plastic.

2. Next, gently start to lift the metal pan out of the compact by using a thin sharp object — such as a knife, makeup spatula, or needle —that fits between the metal pan and compact. Never pry the pan because this could cause damage to the product.  If it's not 'lifting' easily out of the compact, then heat it longer and try again.  Repeat as many times as necessary. Pro tip: Exercise patience with this process, trust me it's worth it!

3. Once you've removed all your pans, clean the bottoms of them with alcohol or goo gone type products to remove any remaining glue.  Pop into your palette and enjoy your decluttered makeup bag!

If you find yourself in the terrible of predicament of a broke shadow or powder, never fear — we have a solution.  To fix broken makeup, simply pour a small amount of 99% isopropyl alcohol to saturate the product.  Next, press the product back together with your fingers until it is smooth and without cracks.  Let the product dry for 24-hours and  it should be as good as new. 


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