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Have Your Drink & Diet, Too!


It seems like every article we read about ways to get healthy starts with this: Cut Out All Alcohol. Yes, we get it... partying like it’s 1999 isn’t going to help our waist line. But, can’t we have our drinks and diet too?

The short answer: Yes. You can. When you are watching your weight, there are plenty of options to keep your drink low cal, low carb, and low sugar.

1. Keep it neat. (Or with water/soda).Drink your liquor straight. That’s right... make it a sipper! Or, if it’s just too strong, mix it with water or soda. That means vodka, gin, whiskey, scotch... they are all fair game. Mixers are (almost) always heavy on the sugar content, so cut these out and you’re already making better decisions while under the influence. Newsflash: One of the biggest misconceptions about liquor is that different liquors will have a different calorie value — but in reality, liquors of the same proof contain the same number of calories. A typical 1.5-ounce serving of a spirit at 86 proof is 104 calories, regardless of which spirit it is. So order what you like, whether it be vodka or tequila, and sip away!

2. Wine is fine. So your feeling a little classier than the straight liquor, huh? The next best (ahem, healthiest) thing for you to sip is wine. Although a 5-ounce serving may be a slightly heftier 100 to 150 calories, and about 5 grams of carbs. However, red wine has been known to have several health benefits,including lowering inflammation, blood pressure and your risk of heart disease. So, that’s like a healthy trade-off... right?

3. The skinny on beer. Look, we wish we had better news here... but facts are facts. Beer is just flat-out going to be higher in carbs and calories. Period. Best way to tackle this: Ask the Google. Check out what your fav brewski is packing, and then base your decision on what you find. Knowledge is power, friends. And that Google sure does know a lot.

4. Meet Mary. Bloody Mary, that is. She’s pretty tasty and a much better libation choice that her bestie, Miss Mimosa, when you’re on the struggle bus the morning after a night out. Or brunching. We love brunching. Mary contains 125 calories on average, where Miss Mimosa weighs in at 150 calories, thanks to the sugar in the orange juice. Mary’s tomato juice has vitamin C, potassium and vitamin A, making you feel really good about getting healthy with her.

5. Meet Tommy. Tommy may be the new guy in the room, at least we had never met him before. Tommy likes a little drink similar to a margarita. ? (WHAT?!?!) If we know anything, we know that a traditional margarita is not on the healthy list... with synthetic mixers and triple sec can run you a steep 400 calories. (Ouch!) However, Tommy’s Margarita comes in at just under 200 calories! So who is this Tommy and how does he make his margarita so tempting? We have no idea who Tommy is. But we like him. His secret recipe: tequila, fresh lime and agave. Put this one in the “notes” section of your phone, so you don’t forget it!

So there you have it: five glorious cocktail options that you don’t have to feel guilty about. Now comes the responsible disclaimer that tags along with every alcohol conversation. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. And, in the case of alcohol, it can be a very bad thing. Drink responsibly, friends. And utilize the Uber. It’s pretty handy. Stay safe, drink responsibly, and be healthy, friends! Cheers, Dolls!

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