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At the Dollhouse, we think summertime is all about getting out into the open fresh air, enjoying the beautiful adventures that summer has in store and traveling! We know the struggle it can be to get packed up and out of the house for your summer explorations. It can be quite the headache to pack all of your favorite palettes and beauty compacts inside your countless amounts of makeup bags. Sure enough one or two always seem to break, leaving you with a broken, cluttered mess of dusty bronzer and blue eyeshadow stained EVERYTHING! Well us Dolls think that simplicity is key and love to give you our expert tips and advice to make your days and your life EASIER. Weather you are planning your next jet-set across the world or a good ole summer road-trip, these tips are sure to simplify and beautify your trip. 
1. ) Pick a featured look! Instead of packing six different lipsticks for each day of the trip and attempting to color coordinate which eyeshadow look will be best with each outfit- try selecting one bold pop that you're going to rock for the whole trip such as a bold brow or bright red lip. This will ensure lighter packing as well as give you a fun signature look for your trip. 
2.) Coffee ALWAYS! It just wouldn't be a dollup travel tips post if we didn't include our survival fuel of choice- coffee! Hit up that airport coffee shop or stop by your favorite coffee shop drive through so you can feel fueled, awake and ready to take on your travels. 
3.) Decompact! Like we said earlier.. there is nothing quite as annoying as the struggle of over-packing your beauty supplies just to watch them create a stressful, cluttered, broken mess. Ease your mind by traveling with your Dollup case! Pack only your favorite beauty round-up in your chic, makeup clutch. Keep all of your products safe and organized inside the magnetic palette side of the case. Lighten your load and brighten your trip by traveling with the Dollup Case. 
4.) Save on space! We love to save on luggage space by planning out our trips outfits ahead of time so you're not left staring at 15 tops and 32 pairs of shoes wondering how in the world you're going to piece it all together! Pick out your outfits and pack only what is needed for that complete ensemble. If you're really feeling wild- pack your outfits by rolling the clothing. You will be so please with how much space you have saved. Talk about efficiency! 
5.) Stay Unique! Our last piece of advice when it comes to traveling would be to stay unique! When you are selecting your new line of luggage, instead of going for your favorite old trusty brand of slick black luggage, opt for a funky color or fun pattern. Stay creative and unique.. we promise this will make your travels so much more exciting and will make your time at the dreaded baggage claim carousel that much quicker! 
So, Doll, there you have it! These are our top travel tips to make your summer travels better, simpler and more beautiful. What are your top travel tips? We'd love to hear from YOU! Comment below!
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Dollup Doll Lauren


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