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What if we told you that with just one little magical tip, you could save money, time, space, and the environment? WOW! Sounds too good to be true, right?


Are you exhausted from carrying around your over sized and over weight makeup bags and purses? We know that for makeup artists, makeup enthusiasts and every day women, the daunting task of finding a single tube of lipstick inside your handbag is enough to throw anyone over the edge. The seemingly never-ending mess of makeup, toothpicks, loose change and pocket lint can make it impossible to find a single thing inside your bag, let alone sift through the mess to do your makeup on the go. We are here for you to teach you all about the wonders of depotting your makeup and why it is going to be your new favorite beauty hack.


What is depotting?

Depotting is the practice of removing your makeup such as blush, bronzer, eyeshadow etc from it's original plastic packaging and placing it into a more practical packaging. With the exception of Elf cosmetics and Mac cosmetics, which are housed in an aluminum tin, most all other beauty companies' pan only makeup is housed inside a metal tin. Inside that chunky and inconvenient plastic packaging, you will find your makeup tin in a magnetic metal tin. Depotting is the art of removing that tin so that you can reorganize it inside a magnetic palette. This practice saves time in sorting through makeup, space on clunky packaging and money in the long run!


Why Depotting is going to change your life!

We know just how impossible it can be to find that certain shade of blush inside your black hole of a makeup bag. With depotting, now all of your gorgeous shades, hues and products can be neatly and gorgeously displayed and organized inside your magnetic palette of choice. Also, getting ready on the go has never been easier! Now you can easily pull out your magnetic palette and instantly have all of your products in one place. Beautifully and conveniently displayed. 

Depotting your makeup eliminates the need for wasteful plastic packaging. This is saving the environment and YES it is saving your pocket book from wasting unnecessary money on the packaging when what you really want is the product. Waste no more money on the plastic compact that it comes in! Also, makeup counters such as Dollup Beauty and Mac cosmetics offer a pan only refillable collection. Now when you run out of your favorite shade, you are not forced to run out and purchase a costly "one size fits all" makeup palette that is created for the widespread of women. It is not tailored or customized to YOU! Now you can go and repurchase just that one shade and refill it inside your case. Some counters even offer a significant discount from the original price of the product from the price of the refilled pan only product- SCORE! 


How to depot your makeup

Step 1- Turn on a hair straighter, curling iron or your hot tool of choice. 

Step 2- Place your plastic makeup compact on top of the hot tool and let sit for about 30 seconds to 1 minute or until glue is loose and tacky. 

Step 3- Use a flat edge to pop out the metal tin from the compact. Do not pry- patience is key here! If the product is not easily budging, leave on the heat for another 30 seconds. 

Step 4- Remove any access glue with goo gone and a cotton swab.

Now your makeup is ready to be placed inside your magnetic palette case of choice and you are on your way to a simpler, easier, more beautiful 2018. 


Doll, we are sure that depotting is going to change your life. It is the key to cleansing your life and your beauty routine of the mess, chaos and clutter of makeup bags and plastic compacts. Free your time and your space with the beautiful art of depotting. 


Where to find your own magnetic palette-

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