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Hey Dolls! I’m Meegan, of the life+style blog SignedM., and I am taking over Dollup’s Beauty Blog today!


A little bit about me…

I am fashion obsessed, travel inspired, fitness enthused, and goal driven… and I love anything that can make my life easier! I’m a lazy-girl at heart, but a busy-body in reality. Free time and I do not mix; which is actually the main reason I started my own blog. I’m a bit of a serial entrepreneur. After closing my first business endeavor I found myself twiddling my thumbs & spending way too much time scrolling through Instagram… so I decided to turn my aimless scrolling into time better served and launched SignedM. as a creative outlet. Now I am completely engrossed in the potential of social media, and have launched another business helping other small businesses with their digital marketing strategies… and my New Year’s Resolution for 2018 is to make my own blog a bigger priority again! My Christmas wish is to have 48 hours in a day… (Santa, did you hear that?!)

So let’s talk…

I struggle with a serious case of wanderlust: I’m in love with places I’ve never been and people I’ve never met… and I get a bit antsy if I don’t go exploring on a regular basis. Remember when I mentioned that I love anything that can make my life easier? I’m admittedly a little OCD… but I fell head over heels for the Dollup Beauty Case because of my travel schedule. One would think that I would have packing hacks up my sleeve but, truth-be-told, there is no method to my madness. A constant travel annoyance for me has always been the multiple cosmetic cases I carry with me: one for my makeup, one for my brushes, one for my lipsticks and liners. (I am not a carry-on only kind of girl!) The Dollup Beauty Case is a God-send for this girl on the go!

These are a few of my favorite things…

OK, so I’m opening up my Dollup Beauty Case and sharing with you my favorites. Here we go!



I had a really difficult time deciding between the black case and the rose gold… I mean, my fav colors are black, dark black, pitch black, pastel black, light black, and faded black… but I ultimately decided to go with the metallic. #24ktmagic




I’ve always been intrigued by the French culture and really think that I was mistakenly born in the wrong part of the world… I mean, I even got married in France! So as a true wannabe French Girl, a red lip is my favorite! I really have to *toot* the Dollup Horn here, the Hydrating Creme-de-Matte is the bee’s knees. There are two holidays that absolutely require a red lip, non-negotiable: Fourth of July and Christmas. I doned my Laughter Lipstick this past Fourth of July from sunup to sundown, through eating and drinking, through swimming and even sleeping. When I awoke on the fifth of July, my husband burst out laughing at my bed head… and my perfect red lips. Full disclosure: I never once reapplied!



So listen: never underestimate the power of an eyebrow. They are 90% of your selfie! I’m all about the brows. Good brows. Good mood. Good day. I fell victim to the over-plucking trend as a teen… not having the slightest clue how to create a great shape to my brows… and now I suffer the consequences. The patchiness is real, people. It’s so sad! Even on my makeup-free days, I will fill in the holes with my Dollup Brow Pencil!




Instant cheekbones. The magic of contour. This is tricky… I definitely struggled with what could only be described as a “pinterest fail” when I tried teaching myself the techniques of contouring! But, after a make-up tutorial or two from Dollup Founder & makeup artist, Nikki Hynek, I am *working on* mastering my Kardashian transformation!  



And last, but most definitely not least… this is a product favorite of mine! By noon, my face is like an oil slick. Arghh! I’ve heard too many times to count that I’ll appreciate my oily skin as I get older, as I won’t wrinkle! But to that I have one word: BOTOX. Dollup Beauty’s Wonder Powder is a game-changer for me! I do my occasional touch-ups with the HD powder, and feel fresh all over again! And, without the cakiness that comes with layering on more powder foundation!

So there it is, Dolls… my on-the-go face, plus a layer or two of the blackest mascara I can find, packed beautifully and conveniently in my Dollup Beauty Case. As we head into the holidays, you can guess what I’m gifting my besties this year! #inlove


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