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Dolls, Dolls, Dolls...

If you've read this title then by now you are probably already dreading the words I am about to write.. I mean seriously, how dare I mention the F word at a time like this? You know... F A L L. Now don't get me wrong, I love the warm sunshine and days out on the water that Summer has to offer.. however- around the Dollhouse we are sniffing out all things FALL and we are really quite excited about it. While you are preparing to light your warm pumpkin-vanilla candles, decorate your home with beautiful Autumn decor and head to Starbucks to grab your first pumpkin spice latte of the season.. we are over here at the Dollhouse dreaming up ways for you to stay trendy, stylish and BEAUTIFUL this Season. 


1.) Time to switch up your BRONZER for CONTOUR! We know the feeling of having a gorgeous warm summer-time tan. However, in the heat of Summer you can get away with taking your bronzer powder and a big fluffy brush and swiping the bronzer heavily all over the face. The product seamlessly melts into your gorgeous warm tan and looks effortless and beautiful. However.. as the summer suns begins to fade away, so do our deep tans! Because of this, it is best to begin using the technique of CONTOURING instead of heavy bronzing. This looks like still applying your bronzer product in the same motion, but instead of using a large, effortless fluffy brush, opt for a smaller precision brush. This will allow you to still add warmth and dimension to your skin without looking too harsh or muddy as your skin begins to lighten up for the cooler seasons. 



2.) Add a LAYER! Now we know you are probably feeling a sadness to the thought of tucking away your pretty little delicate summery tops and lacey camisole. While the weather may begin to cool down.. that doesn't mean your wardrobe has to! The Dollup beauty experts say to add a pretty layer to warm it up. We love blazers, cardigans, flowy dusters, leather jackets or jean jackets. Depending on your event, you can dress up or down any outfit depending on which layer you add! We also feel this is a beautiful way to add dimension and depth to your look. Try adding some pretty layered necklaces for an even more intriguing look. Adding a layer to your favorite summer fashion staples is a great way to transition your style into Autumn.





3.) Let's talk about LIPS! While this next beauty tip might not be exactly ground breaking.. it is absolutley BEAUTIFUL! Fall is the perfect time to go bold with your beauty routine and switch it up. While Summer time might feel like the perfect excuse to lighten your look and go natural and beachy with your makeup.. Fall is the best time to get creative and start expressing your inner beauty queen. The dolls suggest throwing aside your matte nude and light pink for something a little deeper and bolder! Try a deep plum or burnt red berry shade. Lipstick can change the whole appearance of a look and is such a fun way to get creative with your makeup routine. 

4.) Make it MATTE! Now, Dolls, I don't know about you but there's just something about the warm summer heat that makes my skin start to GLOW! I don't know if its the temperature, humidity or just the sheer lightweight products on my skin but quickly my normal/ combination skin begins to just radiate! Now in the midst of my warm summer tan.. this glow really suits me well! However as my skin begins to lighten up and the air gets even more dry.. this "glow" can quickly begin to look like unwanted oil and shine. The quickest cure to this horrible diagnosis?? HD WONDER POWDER! This powder gently floats over top the skin to blur out any pores or wrinkles.. acting as a magical veil for the skin. The wonder powder will have you staring in the mirror trying to figure out how you got this real life flawless filter! 


Thanks for tuning in to this weeks blog about all things FALL, FASHION and FLAWLESS! With our pro tips, you'll be sure to slay the beauty game. Friends everywhere will be wondering how you make the transition of our beloved Summer look so good! Now go grab a cozy sweater and a pumpkin cinnamon latte and enjoy your brisk day!

Until next time, 

Dollup Doll Lauren




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