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A Dollup Doll's guide to going vintage Cote d'azur this Summer. 

Being a 90's kid myself.. I am beginning to already see and feel the nostalgia of the current fashion and beauty trends. As I was doing some online shopping and stocking up my wardrobe for my up-coming honeymoon to the Bahamas this summer, I couldn't help but find myself gravitating towards pieces of fashion that were totally RETRO! I was feeling inspired by the beauty and simplicity of vintage french fashion and the aesthetic that Cannes and the French Rivera created in the times of beach hopping and coast cruising in the 50's.  I found myself leaning towards beauty trends, accessories and clothing items that all alike had one thing in common...  a remembrance of an earlier time- how fun, right? 

So here is my top round-up on ways that you can adorably and affordably get the 50's french girl beach style. 


1.) High Waisted Bikinis

Nothing shouts french inspired 50's beach attire than a flattering, flirty high waisted bikini. 


2.) Button Down sets

The sweetness and the femininity of these little two piece set trends are so easy to wear and fun to strut. 


3.) Makeup Trends; Warm and Bronzed

Create a flirty Cote d'azur beauty look with big hair and big contours! Vintage, timeless beauty is all about warm, sun kissed skin, bronzer, contour and glowing healthy beachy highlighters. We LOVE this look at the Dollhouse.. it totally pulls out your natural beauty and highlights your best features. This is a look that every Doll can pull off. 

Bronzed Babe Collection at Dollup Beauty-



4.) Hair Scarves

These hair scarves are all the rage- tie it around as a headband, around your pony tail holder or even around your neck. These stylish versatile staples can cure any bad hair day and instantly doll up your Summer beach day attire. 

5.) Cat Eye Sunglasses

Stay chic, bold and cool with these retro vibe shades. They polish off and pull together any outfit in such a striking way. 

There you have it, Dolls! Our top 5 fashion forward tips on channeling  your inner retro french girl this Summer. Whether you're spending your Summer boating by the water, laying by the beach or sipping a mojito pool side... these nostalgic trends are sure to elevate your style with beauty and class. 


Until next time,


Lauren B.



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