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Bridal beauty makeup kit with mascara, makeup brushes, powder, concealer, eyelash glue and eyeliner

A bride spends months, even years, planning for her one special day and -- God forbid! -- it gets derailed by an unforeseen last minute problem.  As a bridal beauty guru, whose witnessed hundreds of weddings, here's everything you need in your makeup kit to plan for the worst, but hope for the best!

Powder:  It’s not uncommon for a bride to need a quick powder touch-up right after the ceremony due to perspiring, natural oil production or rubbing off her makeup from the insane amount of hugging she's doing!  Also, dabbing a bit of powder on the groom — if he’s up for it— will significantly decrease forehead shine for photographs!

Eyelash glue: Just in case the falsies decide to jump ship right before the bride waltzes down the aisle.

Makeup corrector q-tips:  A really quick and simple way to touch-up smudged makeup under the eyes.

Lipstick — To keep the bride's pout looking perfectly polished all day long.

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Concealer:  Every bride cries — it’s just a fact— and in the process of wiping away tears, she’ll be wiping away all the makeup from under her eyes.  Having concealer handy will camouflage any signs of tears or sleep deprivation.

Blush:  Chances are, the bride’s blush will begin fading half-way through the day, especially if her makeup application went on as the sun was rising.  

Powder brush:  To use for powder, bronzer, blush or for dusting off pretty much anything.

Eyeliner: For when the waterproof eyeliner couldn't stand up to the waterfall of tears.

The Dollup Case:  Holds the bride's secret weapons for looking perfectly glam all day.

Other non-beauty items to consider when building a wedding day survival kit: Pepto Bismal (a must), stain remover pen, safety pins, bobby pins, sewing kit, bandaids, nail Smudge Fix, white chalk, black socks (for the guys), breath mints (no gum), deodorant, tampons, wardrobe tape, cash, cell phone charger, snack, tissues, allergy meds, migraine meds, extra jewelry (one bridesmaid always forgets) and earring backs, a snack, hair spray, wrinkle release, toothbrush and toothpaste, razor, straws, extra set of car keys, house keys, eye drops, lotion, tweezers and scissors.  


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