BEAUTIFUL BROW BASICS: A complete guide to perfect brows

November 23, 2015

How to tweeze your eyebrow and fill in eye brows with an eyebrow pencil

Hi, my name is Katie and I am a new guest contributor for Dollup Beauty — I’m looking forward to sharing some of my beauty advice with you all.  I am a beauty obsessed makeup enthusiast & many of my friends refer to me as the ‘brow master.’ So, because brows and A-list arches are what I’m known for, I thought I’d share a few of my personal tips and tricks with you.  

My friends & family always come to me when they want their eyebrows done — which is great because I love helping brows achieve their maximum potential!  One of my friends, Nora, used to always do her brows this certain way that she knew didn't look quite right, but wasn’t sure how to ‘fix’ her problematic over-plucked shape. She loves to make her brows…arched…but they were too arched if you know what I mean. Her mom and friends would gently hint about how her brows looked a little silly or how they looked a little too filled in -- eventually Nora got the drift. 

Bad brows are often over tweezed or pluckedOne day Nora came to me, the guru, telling me how my brows were so perfect and wished hers looked like mine, so like any good friend, I offered to do them for her. When I did her brow makeover, she LOVED them. I made them arched just how she liked them, but not too arched that she looked in a state of constant surprise. I then taught her how to achieve the perfect bend in her brow in a few easy steps.

Shaping eyebrows can be achieved by tweezing, using eye brow pencil, wax and gels.1. Start by drawing in an arch with a brow pencil in an upside-down V shape — keep the line as thin as possible.  Drawing in the arches first will help to guide you the rest of the brow.

Fill in your eyebrows with Anastasia Brow Wiz or Dollup Beauty eyebrow pencil in taupe

2. To find where to start your bottom fill line, place a sheet of paper at the bridge of your nose, pointing it at 10:00 or 2:00 — depending on which side of the face you’re working on.  Brows should start slightly in front of the corner of your eye.

3. After drawing the bottom fill line, pencil in the front of the brows with tiny ‘hairs’ by using a flecking motion all the way to the top of the arch line you previously drew.  Using a spooley brush, brush the brows in an upward motion to blend.

4. Next, draw a single thin line from the middle of your arch towards your temple to fill the back of your brows.  Do not stop at the edge of your eye — elongate the line 3-4cm past where your eye ends.  Fill in more to balance out the brow if needed.  Also, avoid curving downward with the line even if your natural brow slopes down.

5.  To avoid making your brows look too harsh, minimize the amount of product you use in the front of your eyebrow--from the corner of your eye forward. 

Following these steps, my friend Nora now basks in beautiful brows!!

I like to say the key to having good brows is keeping up-to-date with them—making sure to tweeze them when you notice your brows are getting a little crazy. I always recommend having your brows shaped by a professional — a recommended professional — at least once so you can follow an outline of where to tweeze. And NEVER over-tweeze your brows...think less is more.

Additionally, if you want to add a little more sexiness or drama to your makeup look, I like to build-up a dramatic arch to really make a bold statement with the brows.  I get a lot of compliments when I add a little volume to my arches, and this is often achieved by exaggerating the upside-down V of the arch when I’m drawing them in.  But for everyday, I like to make a little arch that flows naturally with the rest of the brow and does not look too obvious.

Filling in your eyebrows IS the number one key to having great brows— no one has great brows naturally, believe me. Also, make sure that you're filling in your brows with a color that matches your hair color perfectly.  

Happy Brow Shaping!!

XOXO Katie

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