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By Nicky Sinclair

Makeup Organization -- large acrylic makeup box with drawers for makeup storage

Makeup Storage For Your Vanity: How to store all your favorite eyeshadow palettes and more!

When it comes to organizing my makeup, I can get pretty meticulous; but it is with good reason I suppose because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love an organized vanity?! Not only does it result in faster makeup application [because I know exactly where everything is] but I also like to think of my vanity as a piece of interior décor – one that enhances and enriches the space it inhabits. For me, every piece of makeup on my vanity serves as an accessory – a staple constituent that altogether forms a very special space. There is not a day that goes by that I do not sit at my vanity, so keeping this space organized and looking its best is a must! 

So say hello to my special place – my makeup vanity. The vanity itself is the Malm Dressing Table from Ikea.Muji acrylic makeup organizer for cosmetic storage -- 5 drawer storage for magnetic palettes

My absolute favorite tool for makeup organization is my acrylic 5-drawer organizer from Muji. I bought this organizer about 5 years ago and I couldn’t love it more. Within my acrylic organizer, I store all of my Chanel shadows, Too Faced palettes, as well as various lip glosses and lipsticks. But for the lipsticks I use most often (which for me are my MAC and Chanel lipsticks), I purchased an additional acrylic organizer from Amazon. It holds 27 lipsticks, which is just perfect for my growing collection. Then I placed an empty tissue box on top of Muji (yep, a tissue box!) with yet another acrylic organizer from Amazon on top of it [the tissue box]; however, this one holds 12 lipsticks, plus my larger palettes in the back and has a large compartment where I keep my engagement ring when I’m not wearing it. I dropped a bunch of mini crystals into it and put my little engagement ring holder in there and it has since become a permanent space for my ring – it is actually my favourite part of my vanity, believe it or not. So voila! With only 3 acrylic organizers, I am able to store nearly half my entire makeup collection. Large acrylic makeup organizer with 5 drawers from Amazon

Now for my brushes! I take my brushes very seriously so I like to display them in a fun way that reflects my style wholeheartedly. So I display them in Chanel bags. I just dropped little crystals from the Dollar Store into some Chanel bags I kept from past purchases and there you have it – easy, recycled and DIY makeup brush holders!

Makeup brushes on display inside Chanel shopping bags

Organizing your vanity should be fun. It should be a space you enjoy visiting because after all, it is one of the few times during our day that we get to spend quality time with ourselves. And I am always looking for vanity inspo so leave a comment below and share your vanity organization tips and techniques! I’d love to hear them!

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October 27, 2015

Fabulous Make-up collection and amazing organization!! Gosh if only my make up looked as well organized as yours does… mines in drawers and cupboards/ surfaces from the bathroom to the bedroom and the wardrobe LOL!

Ellie Chan

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