Autumn Tricks and Treats

October 02, 2014

Woodwick Candles are definitely a treat in the fall--especially in scents Pumpkin Muffin, Vanilla Bourbon and Cinnamon Chai.  And if you've never experienced the crackle of the wood wick, it's a must!   And here's a little secret...they are 40% off at Iowa Ulta stores right now, yay!!

Hempz Treats lotions and lip shines are truly luxurious, with rich and creamy textures.  They smell so yummy, too, that you literally want to eat them.  Pumpkin Spice Latte smells exactly like, well, your favorite Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte--with whipped cream and nutmeg undertones!

My sister swears by Wen and I gave it a whirl as well.  It's a shampoo and conditioner all-in-one concept that is supposed to cleanse and condition your hair without stripping it of its natural oils.  It's deigned to reduce breakage, retain color longer and improve hair strength...and I say it works.  I did go back to my 'normal' two bottle approach because I have absolutely no product loyalty when it comes to hair, because I always love trying the next best thing!

Zoya nail laquer introduced their autumn collection with deep rich red and oranges and with a hint of shimmer.  I especially like Autumn and India for fall!

My Makeup TRICK!

Everyone seems to feel really comfortable wearing lip gloss, but get a little spooked when it comes to trying lipstick.  Lipstick, especially bright colors, can seem too bold or make you feel like you're wearing 'too much' makeup because of texture.  Try putting a lip balm (I like ecolips) on BEFORE and AFTER you try wearing lipstick.    Applying a balm before lipstick preps your lips, smoothes them out and helps lipstick to glide on.  To get a little more 'slip' to your lips, apply lip balm over the lipstick as well!


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