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Admittedly, I feel a little behind on the sparkling water/juice trend that's been a mainstay on market shelves for quite sometime, BUT hey, better late than never!  In true me fashion, when I find something that I love I can't wait to tell everyone about it--which makes blogging so much fun--so I'm excited to share with you all my new love, IZZE!

I've hated pop pretty much, like, FOR-ev-er.  So when my brother Colton sampled me a sparkling water, I was hooked immediately.  However, I soon found out that they are not all created equal and have given my brand loyalty to IZZE.  The flavors remind me a bit of the sparkling grape juices I was served as an overzelous kid at NYE parties--in which I totally thought at the time that I was drinking alcohol like the adults--only much better.

According to their website, they tout a 70% real juice content, no sugar, no high fructose corn syrup, no preservatives and are caffeine free.  It's like total goodness in a can...or bottle.  AND...only 90 cals per can...which cheerfully enter into My Fitness Pal Calorie Counter App.

Also, dust off those wine glasses, they don't have to be reserved JUST for wine--drinking anything out of a wine glass instantly makes it taste SO much better and adds a little sophistication to the moment ( I can always use a little more of that, ha) Probably putting an umbrella in it and sipping it poolside would be pure IZZE bliss--we all have to dreams!!  ENJOY dolls!



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