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I know, I'm shameless to believe that a drink could really melt away the fat lipids I stored up to keep my body warm during  winter hibernation, but it's worth a shot (or tall drink) isn't it?  Plus, it really does taste good!  So, have have a sip and watch the summer sun melt away the fat and ice!

Fat Flush Water by Kim Lyons

Ingredients, per 1 pitcher


1 slice grapefruit

1 tangerine

½ cucumber, sliced

2 peppermint leaves

Add Ice

Combine in pitcher


Add Ingredients.  You will notice that I left out tangerines (only because I forgot them, but they're highly important to stimulate genes that burn fat) and I do not follow measurement directions--whoops.


Add ice and water.  I let it sit about an hour before serving.


 See why this water works here.


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