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A Doll's Must-Have Beauty Products To Enjoy a Weekend Camping Trip 
Best beauty products for camping glamping makeup for girls weekend
The only thing better than Summer time camping...G L A M P I N G!
The Dolls at the Dollhouse are here for you with our best tips and tricks on how to get outdoors, enjoy the summer breeze while yet still remaining -GLAM. 
Best natural bug spray organic for mosquitos nats flies simply soothing Bugs can turn an idyllic weekend into a nightmare with their persistent assaults. I absolutely never head into the wilderness without Bug Soother.  It literally repels everything annoying, but is free of all the annoying chemicals -- it's made of 100% natural ingredients, like lemongrass and vanilla, that actually works!  The bonus is that is you smell as lovely as a wildflower, so if you haven't showered in a few days, you'll still smell sweet!  It can be sprayed on your animals too!
Best Lip balm natural organic to use POGO put on go outMy new favorite lip balm!  POGO is 100% organic, packed full of amazing ingredients like vitamin e, coconut oil, calendula and rosemary and simply soothes and protects your lips all day long.  As a bonus, it tastes like a yummy fruit treat like peach, apricot or raspberry.  Also, lip balm is perfect for cleaning up under eyes, laying down stray hair or adding a natural sheen to eyebrows.  
Best tinted moisturizer Revision Intellishade foundation moisturizer and sunscreen in one
Revision's Intellishade is like packing a sunscreen (SPF 45), moisturizer, anti-aging serums, and foundation into one perfect bottle -- this is truly one of the smartest products I've found!  It perfectly provides most everyone's skin tone with a sheer matte foundation coverage, but also feeds your skin with it's daily moisture, anti-aging ingredients -- like 3 peptides, vitamin c and white birch and plankton extracts -- and sun protection.  
Best makeup wipes towelettes to remove makeup Costco Kirkland Signature
Just because your camping, doesn't mean you have to give up on your beauty regime -- the day still needs to come off!  I love Costco's Kirkland Daily Facial Towelettes because they're extremely mild and they don't leave a sticky residue behind like most wipes.  Plus, if you can't get to a shower, they're perfect to wipe on the entire body with to feel a little refreshed before hitting the sheets, or sleeping bag, for the night.  I also like that I've never had these wipes dry out with its re-closable lid, they take off waterproof mascara and are easy to pack!
Best Mascara waterproof Urban Decay Perversion Black
Camping to me is like heading to an island -- you only get one favorite makeup product, what will you choose?  For me its my Urban Decay Perversion Mascara without hesitation.  To avoid catching a glimpse of yourself and being completely mortified, mascara is the single best product for me to look 'polished' without trying to hard. Another Bonus: It's jet black formula clings to your lashes for a perfect all day wear, even through any water excursion.
Best makeup bag cosmetic organizer the Dollup Case with magnetic palette
I'm a bit bias, but the Dollup Case really is perfect for packing your bathroom and makeup essentials in a compact space.  I pack my travel tooth brush, travel comb, bobby pins & hair bands amongst my makeup just in case I need to see people and freshen up!  The mirror is an added bonus!


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